Before a litigation or controversy, between private persons or with the public sector, it is necessary to know the scope of laws and regulations in force, with the sole purpose of guaranteeing security to our customers.

Therefore, the importance of “Preventive Counseling”.

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In case of coming to trial, we guarantee a solid process position for our client. And with the oral process system in force in Ecuador, we act with absolute firmness in all hearings that take place within a process.

We even resort to alternative dispute resolution methods that sometimes substitute the judicial process.

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The design of legal strategies or the implementation thereof in the case of private companies, requires an in-depth study.

And, in the case of public entities, the design of standards and their implementation also requires a rigorous plan, which is carried out, on our part, with a high level of professionalism.

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If justice exists, it must be for all; No one can be excluded, otherwise it would no longer be fair.